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Phono Preamplifiers and Moving Coil Transformer

E.A.R.’s phono stages are some of the best in the business.  Tim de Paravicini has designed some of the most innovative and best sounding RIAA circuits around, and his transformers are legendary.  Speaking of transformers, if you need to augment an existing moving magnet phono stage, don’t forget the MC4 Step-Up Transformer.

Please read on to learn more about these exquisitely designed and built phono amplification devices.  For questions, please call 573-696-3551 or email  To order, please give us a call or visit our Online Store.

Vacuum Tube Phono Stages

E.A.R. Phono Classic Phono Preamplifier

The Phono Classic is an update of the legendary 834P, and it features upgraded circuitry and casework.  The Phono Classic also comes equipped with Tim de Paravicini’s 13D16 vacuum tube, which is an ECC83 variant.

Both the black and chrome faced MM/MC models are available with a high quality ALPS volume control as a no extra cost option. 


        Valves:  3 x 13D6 (ECC83)
        Inputs/Outputs:  RCA
        Input Sensitivity:  MM – 2.2mV (1V @ 1kHz); MC – 0.22mV (1V @ 1kHz)
        Voltage Gain:  MM – 55dB; MC – 72dB
        Loading Resistance:  MM – 47k Ohms; MC – 47 Ohms

Retail Prices

        Black Moving Magnet Only - $1695.00
        Black MM/MC With Or Without ALPS Volume Control - $1895.00
        Chrome MM/MC With Or Without ALPS Volume Control - $2395.00

E.A.R. 88PB

The 88PB’s specifications are a perfect combination of essential flexibility with cost-conscious simplicity. Two inputs cater for the growing number of vinyl-lovers with more than one turntable or arm. Both inputs accept moving magnet cartridge inputs, while one is also switchable for moving coil types - naturally using Tim de Paravicini’s famed input transformers for lowest noise and highest fidelity. MC input impedance is adjustable internally.

The inclusion of a volume control allows for direct connection to a power amp in one-source systems. To avoid cable-dependent high frequency response, a highly linear buffer stage follows the volume control, using an output transformer which provides balanced or single-ended output at a low impedance which can effortlessly drive long cables. Another exclusive design detail is a unique high stability circuit for achieving the RIAA equalization curve.  Feature internal mono/ stereo switch.


  Inputs- 2 RCA total: 1 MM only, 1 MC/MM switchable with adjustable gain and impedance settings

Retail Price:  $6295.00
Please allow 4 to 6 weeks delivery for this product.

Solid Stage Phono Stages

E.A.R. 324

Winner of "Top Hi-Fi Show 2005" Award (Russia)

The E.A.R. 324 is the perfect solution for the vinyl-loving audiophile who demands the highest quality and the greatest flexibility. It features perfectly tailored inputs for both moving coil and moving magnet cartridges and offers accurate, low-noise amplification with vanishingly small signal degradation.  Two separate inputs allow easy switching between two turntables (or two arms on one turntable), ideal for the serious collector who may have a separate deck and pickup for mono discs.

Of those inputs, Input One is switchable for MC or MM cartridges. In MC mode, a built-in step-up transformer (the same as in the Yoshino MC3 standalone transformer) gives optimum noise performance and matches the cartridge through 4 Ohm, 15 Ohm and 40 Ohm windings. In MM mode the impedance is fixed.

Input Two is a specialist MM input with switchable resistance and capacitance loading to optimize response from any high quality MM cartridge. Both inputs feed into a very low noise, low distortion and high headroom amplifying stage which uses a unique RIAA equalization scheme to optimize stability and sound quality.

Balanced and unbalanced outputs with a low source impedance ensure that any line preamplifier can be comfortably driven through almost any amount of good quality cable. Gain is equivalent to 54dB at 1k Hz (1.2V out for 2.5mV in, MM) but can be reduced by 6dB or 12dB if needed. Absolute phase is switchable and mono operation can also be selected.


  Inputs- 2 RCA total: 1 MM only with switchable resistance and capacitance, 1 MC/MM switchable with adjustable gain and impedance settings
  Outputs- 1 pair each RCA and balanced XLR

Retail Price:  $6095.00
Please allow 4 to 6 weeks delivery for this product.

Moving Coil Step-Up Transformers

E.A.R. MC4

The MC4 is one of the best and most versatile moving coil step-up transformers on the market at any price.

The moving coil cartridge is a much more efficient converter of energy than moving magnet but has the great disadvantage that its voltage output is not really practical for most amplifier technology to handle it. So if we take its product of voltage times current and transform it to a suitable form for most amplifiers to handle it we then find that we actually have gained an advance over the moving magnet in noise figures of at least 6dB. This means that we can achieve 90dB of dynamic range that the record potentially offers.


  Hum Rejection- Greater than 60dB
  Channel Separation- Greater than 70dB (20 Hz - 20k Hz)
  Channel Balance- Less than 0.1dB
  Rise Time- 2l seconds (any level)
  Phase Linearity- Less than +,- 5 degrees (20 Hz – 20k Hz)
  Frequency Response- 3 Hz -100k Hz, +0.2dB-1.0dB
  Voltage Gain- Selectable: x30, x24, x18, x10
  Input Impedances (Nominal)- 3 ohm, 6 ohm, 12 ohm, & 40 ohm,
  Equivalent Noise Contribution- Less than 1dB

Retail Price:  $2295.00
Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of this product.

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