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No company offers more versatility and more value for the money in preamplifiers than E.A.R.  If you need plenty of inputs and outputs or built-in, high grade phono stages, or just a simple vacuum tube line stage, look no further.  E.A.R. has the preamplifier for you, and at a price that you can afford.

Please read on to learn more about these exquisitely designed and built preamplifiers.  For questions, please call 573-696-3551 or email  To order, please give us a call or visit our Online Store.

Vacuum Tube Line Stage Preamplifiers

E.A.R. 834L

Designed by Tim de Paravicini in his usual robust style, the E.A.R. 834L is the perfect match for any high end system, whether biased towards analogue or digital. The electronic architecture is minimalist so that the absolute minimum sonic degradation takes place. There are three double triode valves, arranged in a classic “de Paravicini circuit”. Special attention has been given to the input circuitry. All inputs are at the rear of the chassis, on the same circuit board as the selector switches, which are operated remotely by long control shafts.

The power supply is a unique arrangement; a high quality toridal transformer feeds a double DC power supply which provides the low-tension (LT) heater current, and the high-tension (HT) anode voltage. It is critical in a preamplifier that both the HT and LT supplies are pure DC, and free from AC ripple. This is the case with all E.A.R. products, not just this preamplifier.  The circuit is designed used in such a way as to have an expected minimum life of five years continuous operation for the valves.


  Inputs- 5 line level RCA plus tape monitor circuit
  Outputs- 2 pair RCA

Retail Price:  $3095.00
Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of this product.

Vacuum Tube Preamplifiers with Onboard Phono Stages

E.A.R. 912

The 912 Vacuum Tube Control Center is the ultimate in pre-amplification and system control both in the studio and at home. 

Two phono inputs are provided, both with switchable gain and input impedance.  Moving coil signals are, of course, pre-boosted by designer Tim de Paravicini's noted input transformers, and his approach to RIAA equalization ensures massive headroom and freedom from low-frequency instability.

The low distortion, low noise line stage is coupled to the outside world via transformers, giving the option of balanced or unbalanced connection. Two balanced line inputs are also featured, plus three unbalanced and a tape loop. Selection is achieved by reed relays, keeping signal paths short and delicate signals intact. Meters connected upstream of the volume control give useful visual correlation of levels and help ensure that phono gain settings are optimal.

As with all E.A.R. products, reliability and practicality are key priorities and to this end all components have been selected and rated for long and trouble-free service.


  Tube Selection- 5 x PCC88
  Line Inputs- 2 balanced XLR, 3 RCA, 1 tape monitoring circuit
  Phono Inputs- 2, both with switchable gain and impedance and with switchable step up transformers for use with both MC and MM cartridges

Retail Price:  $13,500.00
Please allow 4 to 6 weeks delivery for this product.

Vacuum Tube Preamplifiers with Optional Phono Stages

E.A.R. 868

Once again, Tim de Paravicini has delivered a product that gets the listener as close as possible to a live performance, and with exceptional value. Introducing the model 868 preamplifier, with a heritage derived directly from E.A.R.’s flagship preamp, the 912. For those that demand the best, the 868 features virtually the same circuitry and sound of the 912 in both the line stage and the optional phono stage, minus the meters and extra functionality. The 868 competes with the best preamps on the market, at a very reasonable price.

The 868 is a fully balanced, transformer-coupled design, offering balanced and single-ended connections at input and output. It also offers a tape loop, remote control of volume, and several load/gain selections for the phono stage.


  Line Inputs- 5 line level RCA, 1 balanced line level XLR, 1 RCA tape monitoring circuit
  Phono Inputs (Optional)- 1 with switchable gain and impedance and with switchable step up transformers for use with both MC and MM cartridges
  Outputs- 2 pair RCA, 2 pair balanced XLR

Retail Price: $6095 (Line Stage Only), $7895.00 (Line Stage and Phone Stage).  Please specify when ordering.
Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of this product.

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