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European Audio Team offers tonearms that are a great choice for EAT turntables, as well as many other turntables.

In recent years, European Audio Team has risen to the forefront of tonearm design with their C-Note and F-Note models.  The C-Note uses a unique hybrid bearing design that performs at a high level and does so at a price lower than much of the competition.

The F-Note is an all-out assault on the state of the art in performance, function, and convenience.  Available with interchangeable arm tubes of various materials, and in various lengths, the F-Note also self-contained laser alignment functionality to aid in setting VTA and azimuth.

Call or email us for further information and pricing for EAT tonearms.  A number of options are available to fit various applications, and are too numerous to detail on this web page.


The EAT C-Note tonearm offers excellent performance, reasonable price, and the versatility to fit virtually any turntable on the market.


Available in 9, 10, and 12 inch effective lengths, the EAT C-Note tonearm is a unique design that combines all of the advantages of a unipivot tonearm with a gimbaled bearing tonearm.  A high quality, hardened point is used at the pivot in the vertical axis, and a high quality gimbaled bearing system ins used in the horizontal axis.

The combination of bearings allows for reduced loading of the bearing, as well as high stability, very low friction, and ease of use.  A special silicone-based grease is also used inside the bearing assembly to provide further damping of resonances and to reduce friction.

The C-Note is offered with a highly rigid carbon fiber arm tube and fixed aluminum headshell.  The mounting base is a Linn-style pattern.

Download the EAT C-Note manual here.

C-Note Tonearm Specifications

12 Inch Version
10 Inch Version
9 Inch Version
Effective Mass 
19.2 grams 
16.5 grams
14.8 grams
Effective Length   
Offset Angle
18 degrees
21.4 degrees
24 degrees
Inner Null Point  
Outer Null Point


The EAT F-Note tonearms are among the finest available today at any price.

The F-Note has a unique eccentric gimbaled bearing design featuring four ultra-low friction points of super hard diamond mirror.  Adjustment of VTA, VTF, and azimuth can be achieved without the use of any tools.  Those adjustments are built into the tonearm itself. 

A built-in laser tool is used to aid in adjustment of VTA and azimuth, making the F-Not unique among tonearms available today.  Adjustment of VTA is achieved by turning two screws.

The options available for the F-Note tonearm models are numerous and are outlined below.  Please call or email us to discuss which options are best for your application.  The F-Note models can be fitted to the European Audio Team Forte and Fortissimo Series turntables and are also excellent choices for many other turntables, both current production and vintage models.

F-Note Variable Headshell (VH) Tonearm

The 12 inch F-Note VH features a removable headshell and an aluminum arm tube.  Both universal and SME mounting bases are available, as is the choice of either satin black or polished aluminum finish. 

Replacement headshells of carbon fiber, oak wood, and aluminum are available as well.

F-Note Variable Tube (VT) Tonearm

Offered in a 12 inch effective length, the F-Note VT offers the ability to interchange arm tubes among an S-shaped aluminum and straight carbon fiber and wooden ones.  The headshell is fixed on this version.

Both universal and SME mounting bases are available, as well as the choice of polished aluminum or satin black finish.  Additional arm tubes are available separately.

Download the EAT F-Note manual here.

F-Note Tonearm Specifications

Effective Mass – 21.4 grams
Effective Length – 304.8mm
Spindle-to-Pivot – 291.6mm
Overhang – 13.2mm
Offset Angle – 18 degrees
Inner Null Point – 125mm
Outer Null Point – 251.7mm


Call or email us for further information and pricing for EAT tonearms.  A number of options are available to fit various applications, and are too numerous to detail on this web page.

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