KAB Electro Acoustics products are built in Plainfield, New Jersey. 

KAB USA is known for innovative thinking in analog accessories.  KAB’s owner, Kevin Barrett, has developed a series of ingeniously useful products over the years, and Osage Audio Products is pleased to be able to offer them to our customers. 

You can order KAB Electro-Acoustics products by using our Online Store by clicking here or by calling us at 573-696-3551.

If you have a turntable, the KAB SpeedStrobe® is a must have.  It is, by far, the easiest to use of any speed checking devices on the market.  It’s accurate as well.  If you’ve experienced woofer pumping in your low frequency loudspeaker drivers, the RF-1 Rumble Filter will solve the problem.  The PreconLP is essential for those who want to speed up the process of phono stage break-in.

All KAB products are the model of simplicity and functionality, and are backed by KAB’s industry-leading reputation for quality.  Call or email us today to see how these great products can be a helpful addition and upgrade to your analog audio system.

KAB GSE Model RF-1 Rumble Filter

The RF-1 suppresses subsonic energy to eliminate annoying and potentially harmful woofer pumping cause by low frequency rumble.  It is also useful for suppressing acoustic feedback through your analog system.  Connects between your phono stage and preamp and comes complete with wall wart power supply.  Features high quality internal components and RFI/ EMI shielding.


  -3dB @ 20 Hz
  Unique Active Vertical Cancellation below 140 Hz
  Dual Voltage Regulation
  Output 5 Vrms
  THD <0.05%
  Noise -95dB
  120 Volt Wall Wart Power Supply Included
  Dimensions 4.5" x 3" x 1.25"
Retail Price:  $179.00 

KAB SpeedStrobe™ Turntable Speed Tester

The SpeedStrobe™ is designed for use with all turntable speeds.  This is the easiest to use turntable speed tester on the market today.  All that is required to check the speed of your turntable is the ability to read the numbers on the SpeedStrobe™ disc while aiming the battery-operated strobe illuminator at the disc.  The SpeedStrobe™ is 99.99% accurate.  Works with both 50 Hz. and 60 Hz. power systems since the strobe illuminator is battery powered.


  10" Diameter 20 mil PVC Speed Tester Disc
  Color: Black With White Lettering
  Quartz Locked 60 Hz. Illuminator
  Accuracy: 99.99%
  Speed Range: 16.6, 33.3, 45 78 RPM
  Uses Standard 9 Volt Battery, Included
Retail Price:  $109.00


KAB Record Grip™ Record Clamp         


SPECIFICATIONS   This simple but effective hard phelonic record clamp fits most unthreaded platter spindles.  The KAB Record Grip™ is effective at damping resonances and improving bass response and imaging focus. With a base of non-marring UHMW polyethylene, the KAB Record Grip™ is gentle on your record labels and makes firm contact. The inset level is helpful in ensuring that your turntable is perfectly level so that it can operate properly.  This is a great accessory for turntables that do not come with a record clamp.  Since the KAB Record Grip™ must be pushed down to install, care should be exercised when using it with suspended or sprung turntables.
  Large 3 inch diameter footprint  
  Integral bubble level with an accuracy of 1 degree  
  Maximum spindle height above the record is 3/4 inches.  
  Spring rubber spindle grip  
  Bubble Level Accuracy: 1 Degree  
Retail Price:  $38.00  


KAB GSE PreconLP Inverse RIAA Level Convertor™

The PreconLP™ is a passive (no electricity required) device that is designed to convert a line level signal to a phono level signal with the proper inverse RIAA response characteristics. It is highly accurate, and it has several useful applications for the audio hobbyist.  Used with a CD player and an appropriate burn-in CD, the PreconLP™ can provide a burn in signal for your phono preamp.  Used with a test signal generator, the PreconLP™ can provide a reverse RIAA signal suitable for testing the accuracy of any phono preamp.  The PreconLP™ can also be used to convert an unused phono input into a spare line input.  The output level adjusts automatically for MM inputs and MC inputs.  When sourced into a 47K load the output level will match moving magnet cartridges; when sourced into a 100 ohm load, the output level will match low output moving coil cartridges.


  Magnetically Shielded
  Teflon & Gold Connectors
  Glass Epoxy Circuit Boards
  1% Metal Film Resistors
  2% Propylene Capacitors
Retail Price:  $79.00



KAB GSE Stereo Canceller™

The GSE Stereo Canceller™ is designed to sum the two stereo channels out of phase.  This cancels all of the sound produced by lateral stylus movement and leaves all sound produced by vertical stylus movement.  Used with a mono recording, the Stereo Canceller™ can be used to optimize phono cartridge azimuth by adjusting for maximum cancellation.  With a stereo cartridge and proper stylus, the Stereo Canceller™ can be used to listen to vintage vertical cut recordings like Edison Diamond Discs, Pathe Needle Cut Records, and World Transcription Recordings.  The Stereo Canceller™ can also be used to confirm stereo to mono compatibility as might be required in broadcast environments.  The Stereo Canceller™ uses a high quality fully shielded center tapped audio transformer to passively sum the two inputs out of phase. The output is taken from the secondary and applied to both output connectors.


  Magnetically Shielded
  Teflon and Gold Connectors
  Magnetically Shielded Audio Transformer
          Input: 7k Ohms
          Output: 10k Ohms
Retail Price:  $79.00


KAB GSE CD Re-Imager™

The GSE CD Re-Imager™ uses a proprietary mixing circuit to re-establish the LP channel balance characteristics for CD playback systems.  This will help will help improve the sound of CD playback and adjust it to a more ‘record-like’ balance.  Connect between your CD player and preamplifier.  This is a passive device and requires no electricity. 


  Magnetically Shielded
  Teflon and Gold Connectors
  Epoxy Circuit Boards
  2% Propylene Capacitors
  1% Metal Film Resistors
Retail Price:  $79.00


KAB Electro-Acoustics Warranty

All KAB Electro-Acoustics products are covered for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase against defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, or normal wear incurred from the use of the product.

This warranty is offered by KAB Electro-Acoustics, and a determination of whether or not any given circumstance is covered will be determined by them.

To make a warranty claim, a return authorization must be obtained. The product in question must be returned along with proof of purchase for evaluation by pre-paid mail or parcel service. If defective, the product will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of KAB Electro-Acoustics.

No other warranty is implied or given.

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