Mobile Fidelity Original Master record sleeves are the industry standard for replacement inner record sleeves for your LPs.

Mobile Fidelity Original Master Record Sleeves.

Our research and expertise in record care at Osage Audio Products has taught us that one of the primary contributors to dirty records is paper inner record sleeves.  Paper continually produces dust that will stick to the surface of the record, and this dust is difficult to remove thoroughly by dry brushing or dusting alone.  Wet cleaning with a vacuum record cleaning machine is usually required to completely remove the paper dust. 

To help avoid damage to your records and your stylus, we recommend replacing your paper inner record sleeves with Mobile Fidelity Original Master record sleeves when you thoroughly clean your records.  They will stay much cleaner, which will contribute to your level of listening pleasure and your peace of mind.

Take advantage of our volume pricing and replace your paper record sleeves today.  Available in packages of 50 sleeves to fit 12 inch LP records.

Retail Price: Buy 1 Package of 50 Sleeves For $20.00
  Buy 10 or More Packages of 50 Sleeves For $17.00 Per Package

The Mobile Fidelity Record Cleaning Brush provides a viable and economical option for cleaning records.

Mobile Fidelity Record Cleaning Brush.

The Mobile Fidelity brush offers versatility of use for both wet cleaning and dry dusting.  The large pad area contacts a sizeable portion of the records surface at one time, which can be beneficial for speedy cleaning. 

The handle of the Mobile Fidelity record cleaning brush is built to last a lifetime.  The cleaning pads can be easily replaced as needed by the user. 

The Mobile Fidelity Brush is designed for use on 12 inch records, but it can be turned 90 degrees during use to effectively clean 10 inch and 7 inch records with just a bit of practice.

Retail Price: $19.50 Each
  $17.00 Each For Orders Of 2 Or More
The Mobile Fidelity brush has a user replaceable cleaning pad.

We recommend replacement of the pads on the Mobile Fidelity brush every 500 to 1000 cleaning cycles.  Depending upon you cleaning method, this figure can vary, but visual inspection of the pads will normally be an indicator. 

The Mobile Fidelity replacement pad features an adhesive-coated backing which holds securely and is moisture resistant when applied according to the instructions.

With a little trimming, the Mobile Fidelity replacement brush pad will also fit the Disc Doctor™ record brush handle.

Retail Price: $4.99 Per Pair, 1 To 4 Pairs (2 To 8 Pads)
  $4.50 Per Pair, 5 Pairs Or More (10 Pads Or More)

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