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Digital Cables

DR-510 and DB-510 Digital Interconnect Cables

Offered with the Oyaide SLSC (RCA) and SLSB (BNC) connectors, the 510 series digital cables offer the pinnacle of performance.  These digital cables are constructed with Oyaide FTVS-510 wire, which has a 5N silver conductor and six layers of insulation and shielding. 

The SLSC and SLSB connectors feature 4N silver contacts, which are CNC machines from silver bar stock.  The outer shell is milled from brass and has a chrome plated finish.  PTFE insulation is also used.

Retail Prices:    
  DR-510 (RCA-to-RCA) – 0.7 Meter: $285.00
    – 1.0 Meter: $325.00
    – 1.3 Meter: $360.00
  DB-510 (BNC-to-BNC) – 0.7 Meter: $285.00
    – 1.0 Meter: $325.00
    – 1.3 Meter: $360.00


Continental 5s USB Cable

The Continental 5s true 480 Mbps USB 2.0 USB cable.  Using a signal conductor of jewelry grade 5N silver and a 102 SSC copper power conductor, the wire used in the Continental 5s features six layers of insulation and shielding.

The connectors used on the Continental 5s are made of RoHS compliant copper alloy with plating of silver and rhodium.  The cover on the connectors is made of chrome plated brass. 

Retail Prices: – 0.6 meter: $325.00 
  – 1.2 meter: $395.00
  – 1.8 meter: $495.00
  – 3.0 meter: $650.00


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