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Power Cords and Power Distribution

Tunami GPX V2 Power Cord

Featuring triple shielding and multiple drain and ground paths, the wire used in the GPX V2 designed to handle 600 volts and a maximum amperage of 30.  The 5.5 sq. (10 gauge) 102 SSC mirror polished conductor is surrounded by shields of polyolefin-e, polymer polyolefin, carbon PE, and copper foil, finished with a polyurethane jacket.

The Tunami GPX V2 includes a special R version of Oyaide’s 046 series connectors.  The 046 series connectors feature gold and palladium plating.

Available with either a 15 amp or 20 amp IEC plug.

Retail Prices – 15 Amp IEC:
            1.8 Meter:  $475.00
            2.5 Meter:  $550.00
            3.0 Meter:  $620.00

Retail Prices – 20 Amp IEC:
            1.8 Meter:  $515.00
            2.5 Meter:  $590.00
            3.0 Meter:  $660.00


Tunami GPX-R V2 Power Cord

Using the same Oyaide 102 SSC power cable as the GPX V2, the GPX-R V2 ups the performance level by adding a special version of the Oyaide precision 004 series connectors. 

The Oyaide 004 connectors feature conductors that are made of beryllium copper and plating of platinum and palladium.  This combination ensures maximum conductivity.  The 30% glass filled PBT body and polycarbonate cover offer rigidity and resistance to vibrational energy and outside electrical and magnetic interference.

Available with either a 15 amp or 20 amp IEC plug.

Retail Price – 15 Amp IEC:
            1.8 Meter:  $595.00

Retail Price – 20 Amp IEC:
            1.8 Meter:  $695.00


Black Mamba Sigma V2 Power Cord

Oyaide’s best selling power cable, the Black Mamba Sigma V2 features their 102 SSC copper conductor in a 3.5 sq., or 12 gauge size.  This wire features a polymer polyolefin insulator and low dielectric layers and a copper shield and pure copper drain wire.  The outer shield sleeve is fused glass.

The connectors are specific to the Black Mamba Sigma V2 and feature unplated conductors of pure beryllium copper.
Retail Price – 15 Amp IEC:
            1.8 Meter:  $415.00


L/i 50 EXs Power Cord

The L/i 50 EXs features an oxygen-free copper 11 gauge conductor in a star quad configuration.  Since this configuration offers the benefit of opposing wire cancellation, the L/i 50 EXs offers exceptional performance in resisting outside electrical, RF, and magnetic interference. 

The insulator for this wire is made of reinforced silicone rubber, and each conductor is inside a carbon impregnated fiber sleeve.  The outer jacket is a polyester sleeve.

The connectors used on the L/i 50 EXs are the award winning Oyaide 037 series.  The contacts of the 037 connectors are made of deoxidized phosphor bronze and are plated with silver and rhodium.

Retail Price – 15 Amp IEC:
            1.8 Meter:  $445.00


MTB II Power Distribution Strips


The Oyaide MTB II Series features four and six outlet enclosures of 2 millimeter thick brass with separate plating layers of nickel and chrome.  This enclosure is impervious to outside EMI, RFI, and mechanical interference.

The internals of the MTB II models are wired with 2 millimeter 4N silver wire.  The receptacles are mounted on solid brass posts and the inside of the enclosure is treated with Oyaide Electromagnetic Wave Absorber material.

Both models are offered with Oyaide SWO-DX duplex power receptacles.  The 15 amp IEC inlet on all versions is a special version with solid brass contacts with silver and rhodium plating, a 30% glass filled PBT body.

The MTB series units also sit on four brass cones.

Please note that the casework of both models is now black rather than silver.

Retail Prices: MTB-4 II (4 Outlets) – $1025.00
  MTB-6 II (6 Outlets) – $1350.00


MTS-6 II Power Distribution Strip

For the budget minded audiophile, the MTS-6 II offers most of the performance of the MTB series for much less money. 

Rather than nickel and chrome plated brass for the enclosure, the MTS-6 II enclosure is made of polished, non-magnetic SUS 304 stainless steel.  The MTS-6 II is wired the same as the MTB series units and features the same 15 amp IEC inlet.

The MTS-6 II is fitted with three of the Oyaide SWO-DX duplex electrical outlets and included are four brass spikes for footers.

Retail Price:  $575.00


OCB-1 SX II Power Distribution Box

The OCB-1 SX II is built into the same enclosure of the more expensive OCB-1 EXs, and offers outstanding, low-cost performance due to the selection of less costly components elsewhere in the built.

The OCB-1 SX II is fitted with an Oyaide 029 power plug, which has phosphor bronze contacts, and two custom SWO duplex electrical outlets with non-plated phosphor bronze contacts.  A 2 meter length of Oyaide Black Mamba power cord is connected to the power distribution box. 

Internal wiring is 20 amp rated 2 millimeter oxygen-free copper.

Retail Price:  $435.00


OCB-1 EXs II Power Distribution Box

Housed in a chassis 4 millimeter thick carbon impregnated 30% glass filled PBT, the OCB-1 EXs II contains two Oyaide SWO-DX duplex electrical outlets.  The internal wiring is of 2 millimeter 4N silver.

Attached is a 2 meter length of Oyaide L/i 50 EXs power cord with an Oyaide 037 male plug. 

Retail Price:  $575.00


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