“A home filled with music is a home filled with joy.”

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Our Philosophy
Here at Osage Audio Products, our business is supplying products to consumers that are intended to facilitate the enjoyment of recorded music at home.  Our goal, and our mission, is to promote the exploration of music. 

We believe that listening to music enriches the mind and soul and that it is an emotionally satisfying and educational pursuit.  Sharing time with others listening to music is a great way to build lasting friendships.  In our experience, a home filled with music truly is a home filled with joy.

To help ensure that our customers can reach this level of enjoyment and satisfaction, we are constantly mindful of our duty to provide unparalleled attention to customer service.  This means we are always striving to improve our product offerings and we are always available to address your concerns and specific needs.  We welcome your questions and comments and assure you that they will be handled in a genuinely prompt and professional manner.


About Osage Audio Products
Osage Audio Products was born in October 2006 as the manufacturer and distributor of the award-winning line of Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions record cleaning products.  That product line has evolved and expanded and is now considered to be among the most effective and most respected record cleaning product lines available.  Since 2006 we have added record cleaning brushes and silver disc cleaning products under the Listener Select brand name, and high performance audio cable products under the Niangua brand name.  Both of these lines have been well received and have been favorably reviewed as well.

We have also added the retail product offerings of brands that offer top value in terms of performance, build quality, and customer support.  Osage Audio Products has become a destination for anyone looking to build a satisfying, high quality hi-fi system to fit nearly any budget.

We operate a demonstration facility in rural northern Boone County Missouri, on the shore of Lake Chaparral.  In this quiet and relaxed atmosphere one is free to listen and learn.  We recommend appointments in order to avoid interruptions.

For customers who cannot visit us, we keep available demonstration gear that is representative of our product lines.  These demonstration pieces can be shipped to your location so that you can evaluate them within the context of your own system and in your listening space.


How We Do Business
Many of the products that we handle are available for purchase through our Online Store.  However, some of our vendors prefer that their products not be sold that way.  We understand that thinking, and that is why we encourage everyone to call and discuss their needs before buying.  Our goal is to ensure that every customer gets exactly what they need and exactly what they expect.

Because of our intention to help the customer make the right choice before buying, and because of the fact that many of the products that we sell are built to order, we require a 30% restocking fee on any returns, and returned products must be unused.  Shipping charges are not refundable.  Returns of any kind are not accepted without prior authorization.

We offer the use of demonstrator pieces to help keep this sort of unfortunate situation from happening.  Be sure to consult with us when considering a purchase.  It can avoid a lot of grief down the road, and that’s what we’re here for anyway.


Contact Information
We are normally open seven days from early morning until early evening.  Since we deliver and install hi-fi gear, there are times when we are not available.  We are sometimes also on the phone with other customers.  In those cases, please leave a telephone message with your name, telephone number, and the best time to call you.

We can be contacted by email. We strive to answer emails as quickly as possible.

  Our mailing address: Osage Audio Products, LLC
    P.O. Box 232
    Hallsville, MO 65255
  Our email address: customer_service@audiointelligent.com
  Our telephone number: 573-696-3551


Warranty and Repair Information
With the exception of our house brands, warranty service, repairs, and upgrades are performed by the manufacturer of the product or by their designated representatives.  In most instances we will coordinate warranty claims and repair requests made by our customers and initiate contact between the customer and the proper representative for their given situation.  Osage Audio Products, LLC does not offer, service, or enforce any warranty on any product other than our house brands.

The warranties that are offered by the manufacturers and/or distributors for the product lines that we represent vary.  The warranties for some of these product lines can be viewed on this website, but we recommend that you contact us for details about the warranty of any given product before you purchase that product so that you may have the opportunity to consider the facts while making your buying decision.


Sales Taxes
We are required to collect Missouri State sales tax on all orders that we sell locally, deliver to addresses in Missouri, or ship to addresses in Missouri.  We do not charge sales tax on orders delivered or shipped to addresses outside the State of Missouri.


Order Shipping
Osage Audio Products is fully authorized to sell most our retail product lines to customers anywhere in the United States.  There are a few exceptions, and sometimes those exceptions can change.  Please contact us for current information.

We ship most orders with a shipping weight of six pounds or less via the United States Postal Service using either First Class Parcel service or Priority Mail service.  We ship most orders weighing over six pounds via FedEx Ground.   Orders to customers outside the U.S. are typically shipped via USPS Priority Air Mail. 

Some items are shipped directly from the manufacturer or distributor to save time and handling of the product.  Lighter weight orders are typically shipped via UPS Ground or FedEx Ground, and larger items may be shipped via a freight service.

If you have a special shipping request or are unsure how your order will ship, please contact us BEFORE you place your order.

For items that are available through our Online Store, you can enter an order to see the shipping charge, or more conveniently, you can call or email us for a quote for the item or items that you wish to purchase.  We also occasionally have promotions running that include free shipping on a particular product.  Because of this it is always best to check with us for a current shipping price quote.

If you require domestic air shipping, have any special shipping requirements, or if you are ordering from outside the USA, please contact us at 573-696-3551 or by email for a price quote and details about shipping options to your location.  Please note that liquids usually cannot be shipped by air domestically. 



Ordering Information For Domestic Customers
Many of the items that we carry can be purchased through our Online Store.  We accept payment with MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express, and PayPal for orders placed through our Online Store. 

However, we are not allowed to sell some of the brands that we carry through our Online Store.  With just a few exceptions, we are allowed to sell everything we carry to customers throughout the United States.  For customers wishing to purchase items not found in our Online Store, we serve you by telephone and by email.  Please contact us for more information.

For purchases made at our showrooms or by telephone, we accept the payment methods mentioned above, as well as cash, check, or money order.  Check and money order are accepted as well for mail orders.

We are open seven days a week from early morning until early evening most days to accept telephone orders.  Our telephone number is 573-696-3551.


Ordering Information For Customers Outside the U.S.A.
Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions products, Listener Select products, and some Niangua products can be shipped to nearly any locality in the world.  Please contact customer_service@audiointelligent.com for a shipping and handling quote for your specific requirements.


The following conditions apply to all orders that are shipped outside the U.S, and to buyers outside the contiguous United States, and to U.S. Possessions and Territories and APO and FPO addresses:

  1. All international shipments are shipped via United States Postal Service Insured Priority Air.
  2. Complete address information must be provided, and shipment origination customs document, if required, will be completed accurately and with correct product values by Osage Audio Products, LLC.  The purchaser is responsible for all customs charges, duties, and taxes which may be applied to the shipment.
  3. No shipment will knowingly be made to countries that do not allow entry of the products.  Purchasers are responsible for knowing and following any regulations in their country regarding limitations on the quantities per order and per specific time period of Audio Intelligent products that they are allowed to receive.
  4. Due to import regulations in many countries and restrictions on air shipments, we do not ship our Super Cleaner Formula to customers outside the United States. If you wish to purchase our Ultimate 3-Step cleaning system, you will receive our Premium Archivist Formula as your second step in that system.
  5. Osage Audio Products, LLC bears no responsibility for any shipment that is lost, stolen, detained at customs, or refused for delivery to any customer outside the United States and its Territories.  These conditions are completely the responsibility of the purchaser.
  6. In addition to the actual shipping rates, a reasonable handling charge will be added to the shipping costs to cover expenses incurred for producing customs and other required documents and for any special packaging as is required by DMM601 or any other requirement code as it may apply to a specific purchase.  Any other unusual condition will also be subject to an additional charge.
  7. Payment will be accepted only in U.S. Dollars.
  8. Requests for shipping and handling price quotations and total prices for the merchandise that you want must be placed by email to customer_service@audiointelligent.com for processing. Upon receipt of the request, shipping and handling charges will be computed and emailed back to the purchaser along with the order total. Instructions for completing payment will also be detailed at that time.

Upon receipt of the total, payment may be submitted by email, which must include complete destination information and credit card information including the country where the credit card was issued, the type, and the security code from the back of the credit card, or this information may be submitted by mail to:  Osage Audio Products, LLC, Post Office Box 232, Hallsville, Missouri 65255 USA. 

Payment may also be made through PayPal to orders@audiointelligent.com, making sure that all information is included and is complete and correct.  Be sure that payment is made in U.S. Dollars.  When the order has been received and the payment has been accepted, the order will be shipped by the method specified by the buyer and notification of the shipment will be made by email.


Information On This Website
We do our best to make sure that the information contained on the pages of this website is accurate and up to date.  However, despite our best efforts we sometimes make errors and are unable to obtain and/or change information, including specifications and pricing, in a timely manner.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause and offer our commitment to work as diligently as we can to make all of the information on this website as correct and up to date as we can.  Always call or email us to verify any and all information and pricing for any item on this website before you buy.

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