Listener Select products are designed and manufactured in the USA. 

New from Osage Audio Products, LLC:  our own house brand of high quality audio products, Listener Select.

Many of our customers have inquired of us about selling other accessory products since we began in December 2006.  As a result, we immediately began research into how to improve upon several accessory items currently on the audio products market. 

In February 2007 we began testing and research with our goal to bring to market a better record cleaning brush.  Much to my surprise, what we learned along the way was totally unexpected.  This brush has proven to be just the first in a series of products that we are working on.

Introducing the Listener Select Record Cleaning Brush.

“I really like these simple little brushes.” - Jack Roberts, Dagogo, February 2009

Read Jack Roberts’ complete review by clicking here.

Our continuing research into record cleaning has proven that hard scrubbing of the record is detrimental to the record cleaning process.  We also learned along the way that, for the most part, the brushes on the market were, in many cases, harboring microbial growth that could be transferred to a record during the cleaning process.  Some record cleaning brushes, while great at “sweeping” up semi-dissolved contaminants, weren’t very easy to have those contaminants rinsed off.  This can lead to transfer of the contaminants from one record to another.

These discoveries changed our course.  We had learned from our testing that the primary job of the record cleaning brush should be to thoroughly spread the record cleaning fluid over the record’s surface without difficulty, and to be resistant to microbial growth and easy to rinse clean.

We also learned through testing that our brush has one other inherent record cleaning benefit.  Sometimes non-soluble contaminants find their way into the record grooves and can become trapped there.  Many times these are microscopic-sized chips that end up on the record during the manufacturing process.  These can be heard as loud pops and clicks, and as crackling.  Wet cleaning is generally not effective in removing this debris.

We learned that by placing the record on a firm surface or on a record cleaning machine platter with the power turned off, using record cleaning fluid as a lubricant, and using a back and forth brushing motion along the grooves with the brush can be effective in removing this debris.  The record should be brushed in several strokes over a small section of the record at a time, using only moderate force.  As these contaminant particles are loosed, the record cleaning fluid will help suspend them, making them more easily wiped or vacuumed from the record. 

The Listener Select Record Cleaning Brush is manufactured with a handcrafted, solid American cherry handle, which is heat embossed with the Osage logo.  The extruded nylon bristles are hand set into the handle using epoxy.  These bristles are resistant to microbial growth and are easily rinsed.  Their small diameter and soft hand help prevent over-vigorous scrubbing of the record, while still retaining the ability to lift out non-soluble debris.

Unlike fabric pad brushes, the Listener Select Record Cleaning Brush will last for thousands and thousands of cleaning cycles, not hundreds.  This means lower cost per cleaning cycle.

The handcrafted American cherry handle, heat embossed logo, and careful workmanship makes this the classiest and most attractive record cleaning brush on the market as well.

The Listener Select Record Cleaning Brush is offered in three sizes to handle the cleaning chores for a wide range of contemporary and historic record sizes:

  12 Inch Records--        3-7/16” effective cleaning width
  10 Inch Records--      2-11/16” effective cleaning width
  7 Inch Records--     1-7/16” effective cleaning width
  Retail Price: $40.00 Each

Please visit our Online Store to place your order or email us at or call 573-696-3551.

Listener Select goes digital with our Optical Disc Cleaner.

“As a CD cleaner, Listener Select was quite impressive, removing the mixture of common household substances on my test CD without breaking a sweat. But does it actually improve sound? The difference was slight but consistent: Cleaning CDs with Listener Select seemed to remove a bit of sonic grunge and distortion from the midrange, so the music sounded clearer and was easier to listen to. Because Listener Select does a great job cleaning optical-disc surfaces, comes with a large cleaning cloth that works very well, is easy to use, and has the lowest price per ounce in the group of cleaners evaluated, recommending it for cleaning gunk off your discs is a no-brainer." –Vade Forrester, SoundStage!, May 2008. Read the entire review by clicking “here.

Really, we don’t mean any disrespect to records.  I think most of us record-playing folks play CD’s as well, or at least a good many of you have told me this.  In fact, a lot of folks, when placing an order for record cleaning fluid, have asked me, “Do you sell CD cleaner, too?”  Well, now we do.

We spent several months researching how to thoroughly clean a CD without leaving a residue and without causing any damage to its surface.  Using the same approach to product development as with our Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions products, we’ve found a solution.

The Listener Select Optical Disc Cleaner is a high-purity, high performance cleaner that is safe and effective for use on all optical discs, including CD’s, SACD’s, XRCD’s, HDCD’s, DVD’s, and data CD’s and DVD’s. 

“Cleaning a CD, especially one that wasn’t visibly mucked up, held the same place in my mind as dusting off the jewel cases in my music collection.  It looks nice and cleanliness is next to Godliness- but as for a sonic improvement?  I didn’t think so.  I was wrong.  Every CD I cleaned made for an improvement- even CD-Rs!  Who-woulda-thought?  And what did I hear?  An overall clarity improvement.  Dynamics were more dynamic, images more stable and there was more focus and presence.”

-Thad Aerts, The Hi-Fi Reader, Issue Number 7.

Listener Select Optical Disc Cleaner does not contain any type of “conditioner” or “treatment”, but is only a residue-free cleaner. 

It is noteworthy that Listener Select Optical Disc Cleaner comes in a large, 4 ounce bottle.  Other products near the same price are only 2 ounces in size.  Also, the drying cloth that is supplied with Listener Select Optical Disc Cleaner is a full 12 inches by 12 inches in size!  This cloth is a high quality 3M® Micro Fiber cloth.

All of this makes Listener Select Optical Disc Cleaner the disc cleaning value on the market.  Order yours today in our Online Store, or email us at or call us at 573-696-3551.

Retail Price: $40.00 Each


Listener Select Carbon Fiber Stylus Brush

The Listener Select carbon fiber stylus brush can be used either dry or with Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions Enzymatic Stylus Cleaning Formula to thoroughly clean your stylus.

This brush is made with non-varnished carbon fiber bristles that are packed closely together to trap dust, lint, and other debris.  The unique square shape of the bristle head ensures longer contact between the bristles and the stylus than round bristles head brushes. 

To use, gently brush from back to front from behind stylus tip four to six times, taking care to brush gently.  Do not brush from front to back or side to side.  Never use more than one drop of stylus cleaning liquid on the brush.  The brush should be carefully rinsed with purified water periodically and left to air dry. 

Retail Price:  $14.00 Each Including Free Domestic Ground Shipping

Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions and Listener Select Limited Warranty

All Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions and Listener Select products are guaranteed to be produced under strict quality control to insure that the quality and consistency of the products meets our high standards. All of these products have been subjected to certified laboratory testing and have been extensively field tested by private individuals.

All ingredients and materials used in the products are hand selected and are certified by their manufacturers to be of the stated composition and quality. All water used is processed to strict proprietary standards and is constantly tested and monitored to ensure that these standards are maintained. When used according to directions, all Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions products and Listener Select products are safe and effective for their intended use.

Insomuch as Osage Audio Products, LLC has no control over the usage, storage, and handling of the products once they are in the hands of the consumer, warranty against injury or damage to persons or to real or personal property cannot be, and is not expressed or implied by Osage Audio Products, LLC. The proper use, storage, and handling of the products are solely the responsibility of the user.

Any product that is proven to be contaminated, mislabeled, improperly manufactured, or otherwise defective, or any product, when used properly, that does not otherwise provide satisfaction will be, at the request of the customer, replaced at no charge or the purchase price less shipping and handling will be refunded upon receipt of the product in question and after examination and confirmation of the claimed fault or dissatisfaction. Osage Audio Products, LLC must be contacted in advance of any return to obtain a Returned Goods Authorization. No other compensation for defective product dissatisfaction is expressed or implied, and will not be awarded under the terms of this warranty.

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